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PeachPie receives an overhaul

The project's development has been a lot slower over the last year or so compared to previous times. For a number of reasons, we made a decision to change how we provide the project to our community in order to keep it alive.

What will change

The most important information right off the bat is that PeachPie will, of course, continue to be open source. The project remains a member of Microsoft's .NET Foundation, which also means you can freely use and contribute to the project. The license will also stay Apache 2.0 - one of the most liberal open source licenses.

The fundamental aspect that will be different is that from now on, we will provide PeachPie NuGet distributions only to our patrons on Patreon. This means that you can build anything you like from the sources, but to take advantage of release builds and NuGet distributions, such as WpDotNet, the PeachPie runtime and other libraries, we kindly ask for your support on Patreon.

Become a Patron

Get access to release builds and NuGet distributions, issue resolutions, private tutorials and more by supporting the project on Patreon.

We will also be moving away from Gitter and migrating to Discord. There will be a general forum accessible to anyone, but also dedicated private forums for our Patrons, where we will distribute content, answering questions and attending to issues.

In the near future, we will also revamp our Visual Studio and VS Code extensions with premium features for our supporters.


As you probably noticed, our website also received a facelift. The new website should be straightforward and contains a powerful search box that allows you to quickly find what you need:

New website

Why are we making these changes?

There are rather simple reasons for our decision. We dedicated a significant portion of our free time over the last 7 years to creating and maintaining the project. Even though we had Patreon, PayPal, GitHub sponsors and Open Collective for many years, we never offered any added value for members of the community to consider supporting us financially. As a result, we shifted our focus elsewhere and the project's development stagnated. It simply wasn't in our capacity to support the entire community for free in our spare time anymore.

This decision therefore allows us to keep the project alive. Our intention is to focus the development on features our patrons most urgently require and to produce meaningful tutorials and videos to cover commonly requested topics.

Key resources

To reiterate - there is nothing that prevents you from continuing to use PeachPie or starting new projects with it entirely for free. The core repo and all of the adjacent ones will remain open source under Apache 2.0.

Your most important resources for PeachPie are: